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hey xerox, the multiple people in 1 car might be possible.

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here's some theories on how i think it might be coded :shock: .

Actors such as 8-ball, Salvatore, the oriental gentleman etc are able two follow you into cars and climb into any seat your'e not driving in. make it so if the other players are created as actors they should have the animations to do this.

secondly, your character may not be able to enter the back doors of certain cars, but you do have the ablity to enter the passengerside door and sit down as well as shut the door in an un modded game.

the only reaminig problem would be two prevent a conflict between the input of the driver and passenger and this could be done by adding code simmilar to the code responsible to the toyz missions. the new car you'd be given could be placed somewhere off the map and then the camera view could be set to follow the car player 1 was driving. as in the ingame cinematic used in the (asuka mission with the paparazzi).

if this doesn't seem possible another way of doing this might be to simply turn player 2's view into a cinematic upon entering the vehicle like in the game when you enter a train or EL. the cinematic would be broken every time the car stopped and you could then get out. to avoid problems when the car flipped the cinematic would be set so that the players exited automatically before the cinematic was over, so you could represent the 2nd player as an actor in that instance so he could climb out. then when the actor was clear you could end the cinematic and turn him into a player again.

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id like to take credit - but you might want to direct that question at blocker or vogel, i just help run the forum, i have nothing to do with the MOD.

We have always known that multiple people could be in one car, its just a matter of coding it (it was debated a lot in the old forums)

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