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I've been looking for a month now to find a fix for vista and race, but untill now, the only option is dualbooting. I have some problems with dualbooting, so i can't play mta anymore.

"So why do we need mta:race?"

Because in Mta:Dm there aren't dm-racemaps! I mean without respawn and no checkpoints!

So when is the 1.1.3 coming out?

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1.0 will be the "true" upgrade for MTA:Race. As for mta:dm not having any racemaps or respawn/checkpoints, this is totally false. MTA 1.0 fully facilitates the original Race. The only issue is the server admins not upgrading to the latest MTA.

There wont be another version of MTA:Race.

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Aight, but why aren't there any dm maps?

You can use MTA:Race maps in race resource for MTA:DM, you dont need to convert or anything.

EDIT: Is it possible that falling in water doesn't let you die in the Race-mode?

In MTA:DM - yes, a lot of things are possible.

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