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Vista Premium (64 bit)

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Is 64 bit Vista supported I am getting errors within the program on startup - 0xc0000005 the Error Code(Hex) stands for Data Error Prevention trying to stop a potential threat/problem that may fault the memorys proccess and leak memory, and over buffer, crashign the system. So my question for you guys is, what should I do, its not my computer DONT even bring that up, I am a proffessional :P I know what I am doing, this is your program so I am asking if you guys have any explanation for this before I pull out IDA pro, and Ollydbg and find the offsets and try to tackle it. But thought I would make it easier on myself and try converting to the forum. Where many will try few will fail :P

Thanks for the help, Typedef(0x0000000) - Because thats where everything starts, at the typedef.

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