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Crash on connect :(

Guest Di3G0_PwN

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Hi Guys!

I have this problem:

Crash on connect

* I seem to crash whenever I connect to a server just before I go in-game on Vista

This seems to be an issue with the Microsoft DirectX April 2006 SDK Redistributable DLL file (d3dx9_30.dll) when running in compatibility mode. Please make sure that compatibility mode is competely turned off for both your GTA_SA.exe and Multi Theft Auto.exe executables.

But my executable aren't in compatibility mode and I haven't Windows Vista but XP SP3!

I use the search button and I found a lot of topics of my problem but I cannot resolve it!

Other people resolved with format but I don't want to do that!

Please help me!

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Ok, so, wait...

- MTA version?

- GTA SA version?

- GTA works in singleplayer?

- Do you have a 32 bit or 64 bit version of XP?

- Possibly some more info?

MTA dp2.3

GTA SA 1.0

Single Player Works and SA:MP too


EDIT:OMG Single player doesn't work o.O

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wait, do you crash while you are already in game while joining a server? or before you go in-game? your post is confusing, also it your game just doesnt start up either in sp or mp, then go to My Documents then in the folder GTA San Andreas User Files and delete the gta_sa.set file in that folder and try SP again

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