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plz help


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ok im playing gta vc and i just bought the mailabu (forgot how yo spell it)club and im on the mission called the driver.i dont know what to do.i meen i know im supposed to race but i keep losing to him. so will u help me :?:

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cheat ;-)

what you do is you drive a hotring racer (do all the sunshine autos pickup missions first) up to the police station, then do the mission, drive up to the racer, hop out and then blitz him in ya faster car. hopefully if you park the car far enough away from the mission it shouldnt wipe it from the game.

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god that missions hard, on the ps2 i didnt cheat and i have every mission done, every hiddone package, vigulante level 12, pizza boy level 12, all rc races i think....but that has to be one of the hardest missions in the game, i didnt cheat, but i broke my controller lol, hears what to do WITHOUT cheating ;) get and uzi, and when its saying read set go or whatever, turn u view to the side of his cars and shoot and his tire will pop, and its not cheating, yay

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