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Serial or account problems? Can't play MTA? Get v1.0-dp2.3!

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Due to the recent shutdown of a third-party service we have used for our user account and serial number management, and the majority of problems that have appeared with this system, we have decided to bring out a new game client that is meant to fix all related problems.

We have disabled the serial number (and user account) system that was implemented in v1.0-dp2, which means anyone should be able to play Multi Theft Auto again.

We have chosen to release this minor version instead of our next major v1.0-dp3 version due to some major changes we have made in this new version that are not yet stable enough to be released.

The new release can be downloaded by navigating to our deathmatch download section. (All v1.0-dp2 servers are still fully compatible with this release.)

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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