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Have another problem with MTAclient version

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The connection is good with a server, but when i try start the game an error says:

Your running a modified type from mtaclient please reinstal

So.. I did and i install mta client again. But that message is still coming.

And i downloaded the good 1 (mta VC 0.5v) from the offical MTA site

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I’ll just throw a few things you mate which you may want to try since these have helped me in the past.

  • - Install and upgrade VC to version 1.1 ( Patch )
    - MTA Cilent > Options > VC version ( Switch to 1.1 ) then "Reset Game Path"
    - Play VC before installing MTA. I usually just load up the game until the main menu has appeared.
    - Close any other programs which aren’t being used when playing MTA.
    - Remove any single player modifications, if any.

Further solutions - Known Issues

If you are using a “crack” then that could be the problem also which I cannot help you with.

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