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Cropping an object

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I love to create maps, but it always takes a really long time to find some pieces that fit. That's not an MTA-problem ofcourse, but the objects San Andreas features are really hard to work with. Often I have to use some "filler objects" to make sure there are no gaps between the objects in use. For example, when I'm trying to create an island, I have to use large pieces of rock to glue the pieces together.

Another example is with the halfpipe. There are two halfpipes in the object, the small one is slightly lower and the distance between the objects is very big, making it hard to use it. You could place one of the halfpipes in an other object, such as a building, but that's just a workaround.

My feature request is to make it possible to crop an object. In the editor you would get a box around the object where you can drag the lines of the box to cut off pieces of an object. If we use the halfpipe as an example, it would be really easy to remove one of the halfpipes and have an object that's easy to work with.

I'm not a programmer; I have no idea if this is possible or how hard it is. I would like some feedback from the developers though, it could help a lot in the development of beautiful, realistic maps.

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I doubt if it would be possible because MTA would need to edit object. I think that would be much harder than making something like modeling in MTA. Also, it's possible to replace models with others. I don't know about this much, is it possible to replace them anytime? If yes, then it would be best to make model replacement for some model and make it that when you drive to object that needs custom model, then it replaces original model. When you drive to map objects which use that model, restore that model :)

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