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"Your computer is already associated with another account"

Guest JJX

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Whenever I try to enter my account details on the MTA DP 2 installer I get that message, the thing is, I don't remember having another account. I have never played online before because I tried to register recently and the system was having problems.

I only have two e-mail accounts, and since each one already has an account (I think you can't have more than 1 account per mail) I dont see how could my computer be associated with another account.

My accounts are JJWolf (First one), JJX (second one). I have tried with both to no avail.

Could anyone help me?

***************************PROBLEM SOLVED BY SUPPORT, THANK YOU!****************************************************************

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I have the same problem... I think...

See when I installed MTA the first time and tried to register an account the server was down or something so I installed it without any accounts. When I try to play it says invalid key. So I reinstalled and registerd an account (this time the server was working so I could go through with the registration) but when I type in my username and pass under the installation it says: "Your computer is already associated with another account". I also didn't recive a key so I didn't get a chance to try that out.

Account name: bloke

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