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Appokalypsis is looking for a scripter.


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Hello there, my name is Awesome-o, and I am one of the team members of the Appoakalypsis dev team. What is Appoakalypsis, you might ask? Well, it's a project for a roleplaying server with a post-apocalyptic theme, that deals in survival and how humanity fails to co-operate even when the darkest of times are upon them.

You can find more information on our forum ( Yeah, I know, the skin is the default one, but we just recently moved to a new forum, give us some time ), and if you go into our forum, you can see that we have more then 50 members.

Just some time ago, we found out our scripter does not have the time to work with us anymore, so he decided that for the good of the project, that he will stop developing the script.

We need a new scripter. Are you ready to take up this challenge? To make the first real advanced roleplaying script in MTA? Well then, I think we can give you that sense of challenge you are looking for.

What kind of person are we looking for:

*Someone who has some experience in Lua, and is always willing to become better and learn.

*Someone who will be able to help us set up a database

*Someone who has time on their hands.

*Someone who is dedicated

*Someone who knows how to communicate and be a fun person to work with

*Someone who won't leave abruptly without giving us a reason why.

What do we already have in our script:

*Area text talking, with /shout and /whisper commands.

*A little graphics addition.

*If you get shot, the screen goes red for a bit, like in some modern shooters.

What do we need our script:

*Database variables and etc, so we can create a database and a UCP.

*And later on more fuctions, obviously.

Hope I can hear from some of you soon!


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