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No serial - Help

Guest zwanda

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This is my problem.

I started to instill the MTA: San DM but and the instiller asked if I wanted to start a new account or login an already registered one.

I could not remember my old username or password so I decided to create a new one with the name 'zwandaba'. When trying to continue the instillation it says my computer is already registered to an account. So i decide to continue the instillation without logging in. After instilling I tried to run the program and then I go the error message "invalid serial number".

After looking if the forums one of the DMs days they can't give a serial number to users with multiple accounts. :(

I managed to look through my e-mail and get my old account info but when I try to instill MTA with the username and password I get a message saying the information given is wrong. Which should mean I don't have another account.

The instiller says I have an account registered to the computer already but when I use the username of my old account the info is wrong.

DM or other forums members, is there any way you can help me :?:

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