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Custom vehicle model info


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I have been replacing the infernus with a porsche carrera GT, this is what i found:

The custom model looks weird when you apply it before spawning the vehicle.

The custom model looks as it should look if you spawned the vehicle before applying the model.

Your character sits on vehicle seat 1 when you enter the car if you spawned it before applying the model.

If you spawn a second vehicle (with model already applied) the custom model looks as it should look but when you get into it, your character will sit in the center of the car.

So its like this:

*spawn vehicle 1*

*Apply custom model, everything is fine*

*spawn vehicle 2*

*custom model is fine, but character sits in center of vehicle*

This is when you apply model before spawning vehicle:


This is how it looks if you apply model after spawning the vehicle:


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