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custome skin DFF+TXD


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Seting a new model for a skin

I'm having a bit of trouble adding the new model

txd = engineLoadTXD("models/swat.txd") 
    engineImportTXD(txd, 285) 
dff = engineLoadDFF("models/swat.dff", 0) 
    engineReplaceModel(dff, 285) 

Models_client.lua ^

    <info author="Brian" name="Skins" version="1" type="gamemode" /> 
    <script src="spawn.lua" /> 
    <script src="models_client.lua" type="client" /> 
    <file src="models/swat.txd" /> 
    <file src="models/swat.dff" /> 

meta.XML ^


anyone haveing problems with the line

    showPlayerHudComponent ( source, "clock", false ) 


]    showPlayerHudComponent ( source, "radar", false ) 

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