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Anoobis MTA Suggestion Thread yay !


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Decided to repost lol :D

I don't know if there is already one but I just want you to look at my Suggestions and may post some of yours :)

Survivor Mode:

Location is Graveyard.

Well its about Zombies vs. Humans

The Humans are all on the same team and the Zombies are on the other team :)


I think it would be funny to have a Skate , since you could use a Skateboard in SA after you changed some bits in the gta3.txd .

Or a BMX mode where you need to do some tricks . :P

Two ideas that may be in work already :

Being able to upgrade your Weapons. E.g. AK47 to a Grenadethrower and stuff like that

And a carry-able Teleporter . The idea is to have a teleporter you could throw to the point you want to teleport to . :)

And maybe some changes in Assault , like you need to protect some hostages , like Counter Strike.

That was all !

thanks for reading:D


Hope some of them are possible :)

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