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reply to agressive reply to big plans(closed)

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damn man, i had to reply to all those agressive reactions on my opinion... i dont remember who responded that agressive, but you suck!!! gta3t on gta3 indeed sucks...however theyr new version works on vice city. indeed without animation and so, but he updates the versions..i did not see mta do that as much as drako alone. i did not post the previous mail to promote gta3t(and if it sucks as bad as you say, or has so little potential, then there is nothing to feel threatend about ..is there) anyway.. the reason of that mail was because at least i lost interest because of no updates, half of mods discontinued and other half full of bugs. and if that happend to me, although i love the idear of multiplaying gta, you can bet your own blood spraying head that others will be demotivated to play this as well, and so and so and so.. in one sentence

just dont set your goals to high, just make it realisable..

(and for the agressive guys...play wolfenstein(or am i promoting:)

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i have not been folowing ur previous thread but let me put it this way : we have come a long way and according to your own post GtaT VC 0.1 doesn't support animation and stuff. When we release we will have the same stuff as in MTA 0.3b.

Draco isn't making so much work as we do, we have a team, multiple ppl working on it.

May i remind you that this software is still in Alpha stage and therefore it is normal that it is full of bugs. We are still working on our netcode. And we are making it releasable, that is what we are doing. Draco's mod works only half and misses so much features. We wonna try to make our next major release one that lives up to expectations

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sure i understand that mta has a lot of features, but the question is, in what order are these features desirable. you could make nice animations, implement game modes and so on and so on, but what really is needed is a stable netplay. \if i see the news about planning to implement gta3 in gtavc, and a lot of secondairy features at a stage where a stable multiplay community is so fragile. i have not ever said that mta sucks, or has a lot of bugs, and the people that keep on shouting are probably 12 or just stupid. most of planned updates are not really primary..at least thats my opinion...and again, if you think that is a reason to act like this,... anyway..

do with it as you like, i hope all your planned updates are realisable before gta vice city is long outdated and your work was for nothing..


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