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MTA functions

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In advance of the release of MTA I thought I'd release this list I've compiled of as many MTA functions and handlers as I could find. Unfortunately the front page update stuff can't be history read, which is a shame as IIRC there was some good data in there. It's not in any major sort of order but some things have been grouped together. Most things return a bool, element or iterator but where I could determine there are multiple returns I put those. Anyway, it's here.

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I don't script personally (at least not yet) but thanks for taking the time to make a convenient list like this.

But that raises a question for me: You think there will maybe be a kind of guide made with the release of DM?

Either way, it's nice to see some list of functions already made to get a head start on scripts. :)

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We've got a wiki that will be made public on release that has both tutorials and documentation for all the script functions, including examples for about 90% of them. Once we release we'd like to have the community's help finishing the documentation so that we can focus on developing new features rather than editing it!

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