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PRS Web Stats.

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i dare say i should tell you about this.

2 days in the making, my friend has made a program that reads the PRS stats files, and generates a cgi webpage....

Not sure on the basics. but we can't use it for our server. (like im gonna run a webpage on 128k upload)

but other people will prolly get some good use from it.

from what i understand it has customisable colours in the form of a stylesheet or some crap. but i dont understand it.

Sorry Scooby, JoneF beat you too it.


and some screeniees...

http://files.potholestudios.com/mods/gt ... nshot1.png

http://files.potholestudios.com/mods/gt ... nshot2.png

JoneF's readme

PRS Stats 1.0 by JoneF

PRS Stats is a CGI script to show PRS data on a web site, it could work alone or on a frame on your site.

More information on PRS: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=19121


Install "prsstats.exe" on any windows web server that supports CGI.

Put the file "prsstats.ini" on the same folder or on the root of the partition with the "prsstats.exe".

Put the file "style.css" on a folder accessible by the web clients.

Open the file "prsstats.ini" and set "PRS_FOLDER" to the folder where PRS is installed, and "CSS_PATH" to the path of "style.css" as it should be on the generated HTML.

That's it, you may now adjust the other options on "prsstats.ini" as you prefer or edit the "style.css" file.

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