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MTA Client lagging


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I just got GTA3 again and I have wanted to play it now for awhile. I downloaded the MTA Client 0.5 from the Wojjie server in the downloads section. I've re-downloaded it multiple times and for some reason the client lags. When I get in-game, the game hitches up every second repeatedly. My ping is in the 300-500's in the client and as high as 600 in game. It's not my connection, and it's not my firewall. I turned off my firewall, and my connection is fast enough and has gotten faster since the last time I played MTA. SA-MP runs perfect, low ping no lag. I turned the sound acceleration down just to see if that made a difference and it didn't. I also searched on this site for a related problem and all I could come up with is people having laggy servers when they host or something like that. Thanks for the help.

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