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First of all this is MTA, not the same thing as GTA rumble, and you just need to download the Linux Server here:


After that just follow the Wiki:


Good luck :wink:

but he wants rumble, that's why he posted in 3rd party mods

Oh oops, i assumed he was mistaking MTA and gtarumble :lol:

(I sometimes forget what sub-forum I'm on :oops:)

Anyway, there may be more info here: http://www.gtaforums.com/, it's a big center for the GTA modding community.

I don't have much info on gtarumble personally, I've only played it a little while :(

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Umm, just wondering, you guys are playing GTA Rumble for nostalgic / novelty purposes right? For some reason it's fun to play with unfinished software, especially when it's multiplayer. Mainly because it brings something new every time. Kindof interesting and humorous to see the result of trying to preform basic tasks. I know some might think this post is trying to be sarcastic, but it's not because you'd laugh your ass off too if you saw a bunch of CJ's skating around Grove Street wearing pants and a biker helmet, all trying to hijack the same car or driving (glitchly) go karts.

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