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armor detection

Guest ryanh

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its not detectable, however there are a few ways to work around it.

none of which are very easy and none of which will be 100% perfect.

u got any idels what i can do then?

here's one: after a player spawned as vcc, check when he died and put a timer, if he respawned for less than 10 seconds(he did not restart the game) he has armour, else he probably restarted the game and has no armour

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As Toady says.

I think i used 20 seconds on my timer, we tested it a few times and thats roughly how long it takes to /quit, restart game and spawn.

might be slightly different nowdays with dual cores, but not a deal in it.

how do u make a timer?

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if u need to ask that then ur probably best not to even bother,

i stored $ctime on mta.kill if the player was a crusader,

then check the sotred time minus $ctime when he next spawns.

if its less than 20 secs, then they probably didnt restart their game.

im kinda busy right now or id make it for u.

if noone posts one for u, when i get some time, i'll post it.

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