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bugs that i have noticed

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i dont know if it just crashes me or if it crashes the server, but dont do the "bang bang bang" cheat.

im pretty sure that at the exact moment i jumped into the subway, the server i was on crashed. beware of this also.

i think if you try to use auto target you wil crash. i did.

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im curious, is it supposed to happen that you can do a "tuck and roll" out of a moving car? kinda the way it works in VC?

i hope so, cause thats an awesome way to do things. is there a mod i could download to get this into my single player game?

and if you could, can you allow people to have the M16? i use a gamepad, and thats the only way i can do a "free look"

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free look is like when you use the M16 and you aim it, and you have to move the circle with the dot in it around to shoot at things. thats free look. in "standard mode" of GTAIIIPC, you can move the mounse around to free look, and in GTAIII for PS2, you move the left anolog (or right) to free look.

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