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Can't run a server - all ports fowarded

Guest evildude

am i a retard for asking this?  

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  1. 1. am i a retard for asking this?

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hey, i have fowarded 2003 to 2126 and seperately 4003 and i have set up my server, but when its on it shows as unscanned with a ping of 99999999

i cant even connect to my own server, but it shows up as unscanned to everyone, what am i doing wrong?

peace out


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You cannot connect to your own server using the server list when it is port forwarded. Trying to connect using the server list is in fact trying to connect to your router, since it is your external IP address. Try quick connecting to

As far as the server list, I don't know what is going on with unscanned if they were forwarded properly.

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Have u got lan or a router?

If u have got lan then i can help u :wink:

sry if youve got router, i cant do anything to help :oops:

If it is unscanned than what u first do is make sure both computers have gta:sa and mta, then copy the fies for ur server from 1 computer to another, next ask people if they can see ur server (to do this u need to add a server name in the mtaserver.conf)

If they can ur server is ready :D, but if they cant, there must be something else that needs doing that i do not yet know..,

if this does not work, try here https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/index.php?title=S ... tup_Guides , Hope this works for u :wink:

Greetz, JamyDoger

P.S: I am now known as 4Cazp :mrgreen:

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