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Cops and Robbers???

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There would be 2 teams, The Cops and The Robbers

The cops would have to try and kill/arrest the robbers and

The Robbers would have to prevent being arrested and maby get some where or rob a bank or somthing.

If you are arested maby you could start at the jail/police station and have to get back and continue your mission.

The cops get police cars and some other things

and the robbers get... well they can jst get anythin, actucaly the police can get anything aswell if they dont want a cop car but thats what their ment to have.

I havnt realy thaught about this enough but this could work nicely if its a little bit changed.

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cops and robbers has been suggested

Robbing a bank would be hard, becuase unless you stole the animations and stuff from one of joey's missions, it probably wouldnt work.

Robbers should have pistols, and possibly uzis.

police could have pistols and shotties (less range more power so its not that much of an advantage)

cop cars can outrun most things (cept maybe an infernus =)

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