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Ok, so anyone knows if.....

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hi, i just wanted to know if anyone knows if anybody is making some instructions for ppl who are connectiong. all i have seen is just if u want to make a server..all that says in the .2 is the client has to "click join game" :) . i think there should be more stuff said about connecting to a server. Many ppl r having hard time connecting...(I wish there was something that tells if the server is full or isnt hehe).

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Yep I agree, we need a in-depth tutorial on how to work it. I havnt had a multiplayer game yet but im just waiting for the next version.

I got a question. When you are playing does it matter what area of the city you load up, can you go through the loading points still connected to the game?????


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  • MTA Team

are you guys idiots? Look around you!

There is a readme inside the game

The readme can alse be found on the website

On the website is a faq in English, German and dutch which explains how to start

There are topics on the forum on how to start a game

Make a choice: topic locked!

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