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Some Suggestions

Guest Hybr1d

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Hi im new to this MTA and i have a few suggestions:

1.Cars damage should be on like in the 1ppl game.

2.Hijack a car with another ppl in it.

3.All vehicles avaliable

4.All weapons avaliable; however you must find them and you only start with pistol.

5.Distugish colors for the gangs and all gangs avaliable (ie. Yakuza, Yardies, Coloumbians, Triads etc.)

6.Health set to 100 and spawn points random within ur givin gang territory...There are maps identifying gang territory

7.An actually counter for the DM. ie. When a Mafia dies a diablo is givin 1 point, or somthing to that effect.

8.More servers...this is just a personal frustration not to many servers out yet so everyone start making some.

These are just some suggestions and i know the difficulties in making a mod for a game. Just a hint play GTA2 multi and use that as a template for the gameplay for MTA... Keep up the good work guys.

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