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Help it wont let me get join the game

Guest Kartal

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Help It Sayes MTA ERROR REPORTER:We are no longer taking error reports for 0.5 Thankyou for using the MTA Error Report Tool we'll be releasing a new version for use with the upcoming release 0.5.1 along with the release of the client.

:S can someone please help me ?

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When you are installing, you should see a specific part of the installation where you can decide what game version you want MTA to play on (VC or GTA3, both if you wish). You should see a box saying "MTA error reporter" what has already been ticked, well basically untick the box and then continue with the installation.

Unless there are other problems, this solution should help the version run fine.

Make sure you have the v1.1 patch installed for either version and that you have played either game in single player first for a few minutes at least.

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