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ASE Port changing! Need help asap.

Guest Otacon

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Okay I have figured out everything with configuring my server. So now that it is ready I start it and ASE says it needs a certain port free. So I free it. Then I restart my server. Now it needs a different port free. And every time I restart it needs a new port between the range 27000 and 28000. Now this wouldn't be a problem normally because I can forward the whole range. But that also puts a big hole in my system allowing multiple people to try and connect on those ports and potentially rape my hard drive with their little hacker skills. Any idea on how I can set the port ASE wants to use?

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You should only need to forward one port for the ASE, and that's the game port + 123. So for example, if my game port was 22003, my ASE port would be 22126.

Regardless of whatever it tells you, that's the ONLY one you need to forward. And you can't change it.

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