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Some Qustions

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Hello guys, I hope you are doing well!
  - I am Alireza from Iran 
I am a novice MTA programmer and I had some questions 
  1- For example, I want to add a professional task for the road police force, that every so often a series of road cones are broken randomly and these forces go to rebuild it.
Now the problem is that: I want this notification to go to all traffic police forces and then one person accepts this job and the others cannot have access to accept it.
When someone accepts, a marker will be created on the map (only for the accepting person) and a marker will be created (only for the accepting person).
And he will place the broken road cone by going to the marker

What can I do to make something true for one person and others cannot access it?

2- Consider a coffee shop
In the coffee shop job, food = true for the cook
But I'm afraid it's a bug and it will be true for everyone
And this is how it is easy to bug 
What should I do to fix this bug?
  It means that, contrary to the previous example, it should be true only for one player


3- Consider a bank robbery situation
I want two players to confirm the same thing at the same time and then execute a command for both of them at the same time, but I want to make the location of the players and their animations different.
For example, one of them keeps the gun on the bank and freezes
And one of them will be teleported into the bank vault 
  And in the end, the money should be divided between them
And if two players other than our main players want to do this, they cannot
Because the bank is busy with a robbery
And after a 3-hour timer, bank robbery is possible again 
But two players must enter our col shaper and confirm
And after the final confirmation of both, the bank robbery will begin
4- What should I do so that my npc are not killed (server side)

5 - as the last question; How do you make npc's drive and how do you create a cutscene (or something like that)?

Thank you for your time and knowledge, I apologize for using the translator engine!

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