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Nebla - Iram of The Pillars

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Hello there, today I'm presenting you my new FDD (Fun Destruction Derby) map: "Iram of the Pillars" A primal desert atmosphere, replete with a rich history, awaits your arrival. Prepare to explore its depths and unravel its secrets.



Map Story
With the corruption of the vessel’s contents, as well as the growing idolatry and arrogance of Shaddad and the people of Iram, divine punishment was rendered upon them in the manner of a massive sandstorm. The city of Iram and its inhabitants were thus removed from the face of the earth, as if they had never existed.

Though Irem is renowned for its massive scale and distinctiveness, I designed this map based on my research and sources. However, limiting the number of structures prevented issues with graphic performance.



If you experience lag or freezing while playing the map, simply type '/hidec' to remove the textures. However, if your computer is sufficiently powerful, you can execute '/hidec' once more to bring back the textures.


Enjoy the video!

Best regards,


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