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[DD] Nebla -- The SUN

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Greetings, everyone! Today, I proudly present to you my newly-created Fun Destruction derby map, "The Sun" This map sets you smack-dab in the midst of the sun's fluctuating temperature and light properties as you seek to survive the blazing heat and intense solar flares. Get too close when the sun is at its blistering point and you'll likely be burned away like a piece of paper. Without protection, you're bound to wither in the sun's furnace-like heat.

Be wary as the sun's status constantly changes between a red and a white state. While in the former state, be cautious of the solar flares that emit from the sun and seek refuge behind the protective blue rooflights. Once the sun reverts to a white state, however, you will once again be unfettered to approach the rooflights freely.

In addition to the sun's fluctuating temperature and light properties, there exists a protective shield in the center of the map. It is designed to negate the damaging effects of the raging solar flares, resulting in a mere few shakes of the screen that pose no great danger. However, without this shielding, you will surely be engulfed by the sun's fierce heat wave. Be thankful for the presence of this protective feature in the map.

In an effort to make the map as realistic as possible, I have added a plethora of custom objects and effects, which may lead to decreased performance on lesser devices. I kindly request that you purchase a more powerful machine if the map appears to be laggy or slow on your current setup.

Enjoy the video!

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Best regards, Nebla

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