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[REL]Advanced Mute System v1.0

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Advanced mute system by ozy



- Mute a player for minutes or hours without using milliseconds

- All data is saving to database

- Press "O" to reach mute panel for better usage (only opens for players who has 'command.mute' right)

- You want to mute a guy but oh shoot! he is gone before you muted him.
 Dont worry if you have his serial you can mute him by his serial via 'Mute Serial' on mute panel.

- You can see the muted players and their remaining time, account name, serial, muted date, reason and admin name

- You can mute a player on mute panel



- To mute a player: /amute player 1m (for 1 min or use 1h instead for 1 hours) reason

- To unmute a player: /aunmute player

- To see your remaining mute time if you are muted: /muteinfo



- This script using dgs so you also need to download dgs and drop it into your resources folder.
 Download dgs here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:DGS

- Extract files (dgs & advanced_mute_system) into your resources folder and start advanced_mute_system, system is working with dgs so don't forget to start dgs. Enjoy!

- Don't forget to give admin rights to script. (Go to admin panel > resources > manage acl > on groups: double click on Admin and click Add Object enter 'resource.advanced_mute_system' press Ok and that's it)


- I test it as much as i can and look for bugs but I couldn't test it with players so there might be some bugs.

- If there is any bugs please contact me via discord: papazlloyd or send an email to my forum account


Download script here: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18896

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