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I have a high ping

Guest Skribler

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Sorry if someone has already asked a question about this but i cant understand peoples 'Subjects' that they put... theyre usually just like 'WHAT THE HELL?!' so im not sure if this has already been answered.

When im playing the at my cousins it is fine, my ping is usually quite low so i dont lagg atall, But when i play it at my house i have like 700 ping and i lagg like f***. We have the same computer so its nothing to do with that, I was thinking it maybe some settings or something. If anyone can help me please reply here fast, i wanna play the game! lol

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Well, you could try this. If you are on a network, don't let anyone else use the internet. If you are downloading, stop downloading. Close any applications in the background that may affect the ping, sometimes an antivirus or antispyware stuff can raise your ping. If you are capped, wait till next month to play or play on servers with 4 or less players. Thats all I can think of.

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