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is MTA 3 possible?


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Hi. i've came here with specific question. is it possible to convert Blue in any way to run with GTA 3 as DLL like regular MTA:SA? they are pretty the same games i guess. i know for sure that there can be difference in game functions and blue server must be modified etc etc. but is it possible? i wanted to start modifying MTA Blue in purpose of running it with GTA 3. so i started to think that it would be easiest if i find Blue 1.0. But oldest i found on GitHub repo was in version 1.4.7.
And here comes second question. Is it good way of making it by starting with older versions of Blue?
Also i don't know where to start and how MTA really works. if i understand right. it takes GTASA executable and forces it to things by injecting functions. but is it right i don't really know. if someone can help me, i'll be so thankfull. i really like playing GTA 3. don't get me wrong. SA is nice. but in my hearth only 3 Exist. and i wanted to make MTASA functionality in GTA3. i know that there are projects in this direction. but i'm not interested in 0.5r2 etc etc. to get all functionality of MTA to gta3 servers. i know C language. but i'm asking someone who knows better. before i jump to code and disappoint my self after realizing that it's not possible. 
Sorry for my english. it's not my native language.

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