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MTA:SA window resizes after download has completed




I already had a topic about this issue of mine, but it got closed due to inactivity. Sorry, I had a rough week I couldn't post.

I've brought you video evidence about the problem (https://imgur.com/a/mw9Dhi5).

After download has completed, the window automatically resizes itself to (which seems like to me) 600x800, or something around that.

This is a really annoying issue, I can't really play MTA like this, neither I can in full screen mode because I have an older laptop. I've used this same laptop since 2017 for playing MTA:SA and I had no issue. One day my game crashed while I was playing (like it does everyday) on the Hungary Life MTA server. After that this issue came.

I'm gonna attach the MTA diag pastebin URL too. (https://pastebin.mtasa.com/3431709537)

Thank you for your help. Have a nice day :)

I also did a clean reinstallation of GTA:SA and MTA:SA too!

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