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Hello i do not know if this is the right topic cuz i couldnt find anything to rely on fps topics or lags so i have a pc with those parameters 

i5 3470 gtx1050ti 16gbram and ssd which gta and mta is

problem is that my fps is horrible in nearly many servers especially Top gta , there are many players with way way potato pcs and somehow have more stable fps than me with this pc

i know its an old game but it has no sense to have such fps like im playing in a potato pc,especially when driving cars my fps drops like crazy


i need help for any solution.

and i havent installed any mod or sth .

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Just a quick thought off the top of my head, but I would recommend making sure the FPS limit is enabled in the game. The older GTA's tend to have issues with newer videos cards causing the FPS to go wild or bug out sometimes.

As far as lag goes, does this happen in singleplayer too?

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