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Doubts about synced elements

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Hello dear community, I'm back in development scene and I have some doubts about performing my current scritps that I made like 4 years ago.

Well, the first question is

  • Passing an element with multiple datas decrease is not a good way to a proper performance ? In fact, I have this doubt with a data which store players in a specific arena. Imagine that there are 32 players in that arena, well, im storing them in a table which is a data of the element. My question is, passing the whole element pass only the pointer address or pass the elements, therefore, the performance could be decreased ? I leave you a picture of the element. 


  • The other question is, what about if I trigger from a client to the server side an element which containts some datas, but before the element arrives to the server, some of the data changes his values. Which values arrives ? The updated one or the old one ?



Best regards.

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