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[Open Source] Figma 2 lua dxDraw convert tool


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Hello everyone,


I'm not an active member on the MTA Community and I don't know if this is the best place to post my small contribution.


Basically I've coded one small app that converts a figma project into a lua script with dxDraw function. With this converter you'll be able to design your server inside figma and generate all code automatically.


This app just generates the design, nothing more.


I have intentions to maintain the repository with more updates, so keep an eye on it.


Here's the repository: https://github.com/was547/OpenFigmaToMTA

Unfortunately I can't post any photos here, but once the app is open sourced you're free to check the code, compile and use. Also I'll create some tutorials soon of how to use.


Any bugs feel free to open an issue.


Regards, Woz

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