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Question about general modding

Guest SharkyMcshark

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OK, first of all, seeing as this is my first post, let me say hi, and great work on the mod guys, keep up the great work. I apologise in advance for this topic, as I didnt know which forum to put it in, as it isnt MTA related but it is GTA SA modding related.

Now I have to ask for some help. I recently downloaded the GTA SA map editor. My goal was to create an aircraft carrier for CJ to use as a base. After a while coming to terms with how to control it, I managed to essentially copy and paste most of the carrier to the foot of the dam west of Las Venturas. I checked it in game and it works perfectly. Now, what I am asking is how do I put vehicle spawns (Hydras, Hunters, Rustlers and some boats) and a save game point on the carrier, and what special editing equipment I would need for this task.

Thanking you in advance,


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