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I was thinking:

What if MTA players had so log in to play MTA.

This way people will have registered nick and maybe a way to keep track of player score and stuff.

That being said I had a nice idea for a mod:

I'm not sure what to call here's the main idea:

1. People can chose a career and make money to buy better weapons, Cars and other stuff like that.

2. The jobs will be

Hitman (kills anyone with a hit on them)

Gangster (will do gangster stuff)

Cop (will try to stop gangsters from going their job)

Racer (races around SA for money and vehicle related rewards)

Stunt (Does stunts for money)

Doing jobs also gives "REP Points" people can use to buy stuff like driving skills weapon skills and stuff like fire proof.

This mod would work with the MTA login to allow saving career stats.

Well that might be hard to do but i don't know anything about making an MTA mod. :P


Maybe use the same login as the MTA center. :)

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Sounds similar to what can usually be played through certain scripts.

Expanding the limits and adding a new system would be interesting. You could therefore check other players information and how well they have progressed. Higher success through development of your progress could perhaps include extra rewards which you have mentioned, for example those "REP Points" points etc.

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