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[SELL] Vice City Roleplay - Multi Theft Auto [GAMEMODE,WEBSITE]


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  • The owner has complied with providing evidence that this gamemode is unique. @Patrick has validated that.
  • No further accusations will be tolerated without proof.
  • The first topic has been hidden. (This is a copy)



Please move some of those pictures inside of your topic. And always do that for new [SELL] related topics. That way we can at least moderate if there are people trying to sell stolen resources.

Note: if you disagree with our actions you should send us a message, instead of trying to evade our actions. That way this issue would have been resolved a long time ago.

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Őszinte leszek, megvásároltam ezt a modot. És nem nagyon működik bugos az egész. Bejelentkezéskor bedobja a mdc panelt, a prémiumshopot, és még sorolhatnám.
Így ebbe na formában nem igen ért 14 ezer forintot az adóval együtt.

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