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[SHOW] concessionaire and garage


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Hello, I will start uploading a weekly video showing some of the progress that I have made regarding some resources that I have in mind, in this resource I created a dealer in which users will first have to be registered and the server will give you a garage to save their Vehicles (4 max) also has a panel that will show the information of the vehicles that have currently been purchased, on the map there is an area where you will find the main Garage marked with a red key, where you can enter to see your vehicles and make use of them.

In my channel I am also uploading mta scripting tutorials that might also interest you

This is the first version and I would like to read what things you would like this resource to have in its future versions, the page will soon be ready for you to download this and many more resources.

It is the second version of the resource that I showed some time ago, there is still another version in which there will be the different improvements for the garage, both decorative and capacity and a possible helipad that you have in mind, I hope you like it a lot, all These resources are created with the same as the tutorials only joining everything.


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