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[ENG/EU/HUN]Official Vice City Modded Playground [FUN/DM]OPENBETA TEST EVERY WEEKEND

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Server Name: [ENG/EU/HUN]Official Vice City Modded Playground [FUN/DM]OPENBETA TEST EVERY WEEKEND

Server IP:


It will be a fun game server in the making. 
There are a lot of community-created scripts on the server that I rewrote for optimization. 
Please give the server a chance and be a member of a start-up community! 
The Server is currently only available for testing on weekends, we are constantly developing it.
 On weekdays, the server is password protected for the time being. 
 The official final opening of the Server is 20.02.2021 17:00 !!
We are also looking for a developer with free time, contact us if you are interested!



Video: Short clashed tutorial video

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