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Few suggestions to improve mta sa race.

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Just some ideas i had, sorry if they have been voiced before but i dont post often and just wanted to post this quickly.

1. Spawn picker.

This idea is if lets say we have 1 spawn point for fugitive or someone who must be placed somewhere away from other spawns. And you then have other spawns in one place somewhere for example police. Then i would really like a menu when race starts to allow people to pick which spawn point to use, if they could be named and choosen by name and not "spawn1" etc that would be ever more helpfull.

2. Spawn limiter

This is kinda a idea to go with above. In creating a map i would like the possibility to have 1 person only spawn at one spot (robber) and everyone else can spawn at the other spawn points. So lets say im making a map. I make a spawn point for robber near a jail. I want to name that spawn point to "robber start" and i want only 1 person allowed to spawn there per map session can be anybody like 1st person to pick can use that spawn so not limited to one person always such as respawns... And for cops in a police building with carpark i can create several spawn points there and name them cop 1-10 for instance. Let players choose which spawn point to be at so they can choose 1-10 for cop placements.

Reason i ask for above is that i made a map and its cop vs robber, and me and my friend really dont like it when say cop kills robber then robber spawns using respawn as a robber or cop and we have a rule that when robber or cop dies the other dies too and the above suggestions is to prevent 2 players being the same spawn/player type. As when lets say player one spawns as cop and player 2 was cop and dies as per rules and respawns as cop again this can be infuriating as the robber as to keep using kill command till he spawns as robber again.

3. Spawn points set to a specific starting vehicle during map making. this is to remove need of car pickups during start of a race so you use the car ur given. Lets say in my cop vs robber map, i have 5 cops and 1 robber. I want 5 cops to have similar cop cars so i would with this suggestion made, to create spawn points that when map is loading and starting that spawn uses a specific vehicle i choosen pre map, so lets say spawn 1-3 is normal cop cars for ls. and other 2 can be swat cars.

The above 3rd suggestion would be very good for map makers like myself who dont want a load of pickups about the map so robber could theoretically use one of the other teams pickups. Pickups in general for vehicle change are fine for most maps but certain "role play" such as cop vs robber maps of my own would benefit from this spawn as a specific car function.

4th Time limits -

I would like some maps to have no time limit, say for small maps with friends either on a lan or good friends on net connection server. And we like 1 map alot and want to play it till we are bored then we would prefere a vote map change instead of forced map change via time limit.

5th Respawn mode all change.

This respawn selection would when in map when a vote for respawn all change is initiated or however you mta would like to do it. Would effecivly swap players role if it was a team based map.

6th minimap hud markers.

Can we set a spawn point to use a specific colour for that player on the mini map. This will be good for team games such as north vs south or cop vs robbers. As i was playing cop vs robber game recently and everyone on minimap was cyan colour so it was hard to see who was cop and who was robber by using the mini map. This is a high priority for my maps so would be most welcomed if implimented.

7th pickup for weapons to be mounted on cars?

Car weapons. Use machine gun or rockets from hunter chopper and mount them via pickup on a cars bonnet? Is this possible as i was thinking it could act a bit like the nitro boost pickup but instead add a hardpoint to front of car and then you get a machine gun or a rocket depending on pickup then we can have car war fights. Ammo can be time based like nitro or have set amount or use pickups for extra ammo or then again just get another weapon pickup for more ammo.

8th drive by shooting from car, if walking gun fights is too much to sync or whatever can driveby shooting be done a bit easier as you dont have to do much for sync of the animation i would have thought compared to free roaming person with gun shooting.

9th Ingame server browser.

Can we have a choise to browse instead of it auto browsing. Now i know its weird ask but hear me out. Now i would liek a favouites tab added next to browser tab and so when i click on a server i like i bookmark it to favourites (like ie or ff) and when i click ingame browser i get black section and two tabs at top, browse for servers or browse favourites. Now browsing for favourites should be quick and easy to pick when loaded as you wont have loads of favourites, i wouldnt anyhow. Just 5 good servers that i like.

Reason i ask it takes ages (more than 10 seconds) to load up the big list of servers and then i gotta search through them all. Oh btw on browse for server section you could make some filters for instance, filter empty server so only ones with someone playing will appear, ping filters etc.... Region filter would be very welcome to..

10th Team damage:

If say u have 1 team vs another 10 each or whatever, then i would like my map to prevent team mates hurting each other so in other words team mates are invunerable to each other. To do this im thinking define each spawn point to a specific team like a or b or use numbers. I often want this when playing team maps. Using server config file i supose you enable or disable team damage as well.


Well thats it for ideas for now. Hope they can be looked at and thought upon to see if viable and usable for next release of the car race mod. Tryed sa-mp beta and didnt like the on foot version of gta sa mp, i prefere stuck in cars gamemodes its simplier and fun i think.

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A very much requested feature i would like is to have a swear word filter embeded in the ingame chat system. I really hate the people that feel the need to swear constantly. Is there anything that can be done? Perhaps code it the way some forums have swear word filter system?

Also possibility to block people using ingame chat such as say person x i want to block from showing up on my chat window in top corner, can a command be made to block all text chat from that person so i dont recieve all the foul language from ppl so i have a clean chat window with sensible and mature people.

As it has to be said, mta online brings the most swearing i have ever seen on a online game. And really doesn't make me want to play with public servers much hence why i play with selected people like friends i know who dont swear and call each other. If some protective measures could be worked into next release and hopefully most servers use said release then perhaps the whole mta gaming community will have a much pleasenter experiance playing this great mod.

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i think the swear filter is a great idea. when im playing, i dont mind seeing someone say it every now & then, but when its constantly being said, it tends to get really annoying.

I do agree with both of your comments to begin with.

Swearing is obviously something we all tend to hear in everyday life, depending on where you are living and what type of people are around you. In the past i have seen racist remarks written in the chat box, something which i was devastated by.

I admit that i have sworn a few times back in my mta playing days, however it would be through frustration like from being killed in clanwars, players would understand the reason and a few will probably respond by laughing, making a comment on my mistake or rubbing it all in my face, something i totally accept.

SkeeterPSA i do like the idea of the swear filter perhaps being featured in a future release, as it would benefit the players who want to enjoy the experience of playing the mod(s) in a mature fasion. Hopefully a command, which you mentioned, would be effective and fun while lasting.

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