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LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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KILLER!!!!!!!! I didnt realize it was done. Looks like I will play when I am home.

I have been reading about peoples problems, but have not yet read anything about gaming. Have any of you been playing???? If so, what is the most players that you have seen in a server?

I am in the US, so those of you playing tonight (EST) or (GMT-7), I will kill you then. :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

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well... I played it... total no. of players? 8 so far... gaming? funny. thats why: I know how to fly the dodo, and i was expacting that some of the other players will know how to fly it too. I flew for a while and i was amased by the peaple, becouse NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO FLY IT!!! :lol:

I just cant belive nobody never asked me to tell how to fly it:


http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file ... 3_dodo.txt

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that would be kind of hard... i mean, connecting... half of the times i just, well... cant... (ooh, look at all the preaty dots:.,';" hehe...). and I really think that the developers would *cough* change the location of the dodo witch is near the portland hideout becouse theres just not enough space to take off. *end of long cough* :roll:

anyway... i'm really crappy about all of that GMT crap.. no wait.. i'm really crappy about all times.. mine is GMT + 1.. figure it out yourself..

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