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No bigge, but just so that you know

Guest shoeman

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Hi, I just wanted to make the team aware of the fact that some of the data given in the mta.exe are outdated

:arrow: VALUE "Comments", "www.gta3mta.tk"

VALUE "CompanyName", "gta3 multi theft auto team"

:arrow: VALUE "FileDescription", "GTA3: Multi Theft Auto v0.2 - Multiplayer mod for GTA3"

VALUE "LegalCopyright", "gta3 multi theft auto team"

VALUE "LegalTrademarks", "gta3 multi theft auto"

VALUE "ProductName", "GTA3: Multi Theft Auto v0.2a"

VALUE "FileVersion", "0.00.0003"

VALUE "ProductVersion", "0.00.0003"

VALUE "InternalName", "mta"

VALUE "OriginalFilename", "mta.exe"

I know that iit is of no importance, but oh well...

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