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I would just like the community to know that

(RPX)Bomb is actually [ACK]gAnGsTa,

just ask PhilRules (Founder of LCG),

(RPX)Bomb back-stabbed PhilRules and Wes4real

Do you guys even know who this is? Well first He posed as MrBump in our server, and we beleived for a while he was real, but when we found out he barley knew anything about MTA, he was fake. Second, he hacked our server, twice. Third he stole our scripts, and combined DM + RPG Scripts, to make RPX script, so the script is not that special. and Fourth, did i mention he posed as an MTA Developer? i Just had to say this cause i want people to know who {RPX}Bomb really is.

Dont let (RPX)Bomb fool you:

He's NOT MrBump

He's NOT {RPX}Bomb

He's NOT a MTA developer


(it says it right in his email address!)

...So don't trust him...

...dont trust a liar...

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