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Server Suddenly closed port

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I have been running my server for almost 1 year on the same hosting, and since yesterday im having problems with my mta, my port "22126" is closed.

My firewall off, my port open 100%, i check it from diifferent sites, but mta says that the port is closed.

Port 22126 is open on

I havent logged inside console in like 7-8 days, and this happend by itself.

Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse!
Port 22003 UDP is open.
Port 22005 TCP is open.

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  • MTA Team

The problem is one byte UDP packets to are being dropped. Two bytes work, so it must be a router/firewall setting somewhere.

FYI Linux commands to test using a remote machine
Sending "r" fails:

echo -n "r" | nc -u -w1 22126 | tr -dc "[:alnum:] "

Sending "rr" works:

echo -n "rr" | nc -u -w1 22126 | tr -dc "[:alnum:] "


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root@unassigned-hostname:~# echo -n "r" | nc -u -w1 22126 | tr -dc "[:alnum:] "
EYE2mta22003MTASAclub  Freeroam v20 ClanDeathmatchDogfightTankWarsRaceDriftDMDerbyTurfsMazeMultiWorldNone14512911751v7q 250022200515PurpleMirror39BUGSScaryFire7w7GlisteningPillbox13masterJumbledOnion76IsandroVzlaDiscreetHook49kinwordHideousVases76RodneyTimoWatiEvamarteLucasLoquendoHarmoniousMuscle14root@unassigned-hostname:~#
root@unassigned-hostname:~# echo -n "rr" | nc -u -w1 22126 | tr -dc "[:alnum:] "
EYE2mta22003MTASAclub  Freeroam v20 ClanDeathmatchDogfightTankWarsRaceDriftDMDerbyTurfsMazeMultiWorldNone14512911751C250422200515PurpleMirror39BUGSScaryFire7w7GlisteningPillbox13masterJumbledOnion76IsandroVzlaDiscreetHook49kinwordHideousVases76RodneyTimoWatiEvamarteLucasLoquendoHarmoniousMuscle14root@unassigned-hostname:~#

i test with various websites to check my port example:


Port 22126 is open on


i will try reinstalling the system, see if problem persist.

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  • MTA Team

The solution is to ask your server hoster to allow 1 byte UDP packets for your server. I expect they recently blocked them due to a DDOS attack on their network.

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