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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys. I would like to compile the 1.5.2 server files to ARM architecture to host an MTA server from Raspberry Pi 3 (just for fun/it's interesting). I'm not expert in compiling (real big projects) but as far as i see there is only x86 and x64 "one click" compile support (or how can i call it). So, do you have guys some tips how to start with it?
  2. Hello! I have a one problem with COMPILING MTA. So, when i trying start MTA:SA.exe. Show an error [CL23] Please HELP!
  3. Привет всем! Помогите, пожалуйста! Вопрос к тем, кто разбирается в PHP. Собственно вопрос в следующем: На сайте luac.multitheftauto.com в разделе API имеется руководство по обфускации Lua скриптов через сам Lua скрипт: local FROM="example.Lua" local TO="compiled.Lua" fetchRemote( "https://luac.multitheftauto.com/?compile=1&debug=0&obfuscate=3", function(data) fileSave(TO,data) end, fileLoad(FROM), true ) Предположим, на моём сайте лежит скрипт: $file_name = "my_script.Lua"; Как можно "скомпилировать" данный скрипт на PHP? Возможно, что через curl, но как его использовать в PHP я не знаю. Прошу помощи! Спасибо.
  4. Hello everyone! Can you help me, please? Question to those who understand PHP. Actually the question is as follows: On the site luac.multitheftauto.com in the API section there is a guide to compile Lua scripts by the Lua script itself: local FROM= "example.Lua" local TO= "compiled.Lua" fetchRemote("https://luac.multitheftauto.com/?compile=1&debug=0&obfuscate=3", function(data) fileSave(TO, date) end, fileLoad(FROM), true) Suppose there is a script on my website: $file_name = "my_script.Lua"; How can I compile this script in PHP? Maybe it is possible by using curl, but how to use it in PHP I don't know. Please help! Thanks.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if a compiled script would affect the performance/FPS of players. I think the script would have to get "compiled" ANYWAY even when i do NOT compile it myself. So the answer could be that a compiled script makes it load even FASTER since it has to compile it anyway (CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG). So my question is if I am right with this or not.. And also: Does the "Extra obfuscation" reduce FPS? To me it seems logical that it COULD lead to some FPS loss, since it has to get decrypted all the time.
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