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  1. I dont get a debug it just says map loaded, nothing happnes but you can just esc and dissconnect
  2. Thanks for your reply, i deleted the old map and did what you said but i allso left one of the maps that MTA comes wih in there aswell. When i join the server the one that it came wth works but when you load the file of MTA race it says map started and then it stays on a black screen. Any ideas?
  3. Hey i have an MTA DM server running and i have installed the script to make it run like a race server. I am having problems adding maps. I have tried adding a map 2 ways i created a new directory in the resoruce folder and put the .map file in it with the meta file. I have allso tried zipping those files together and adding them aswell. I am prity sure i have those files right. When i join the server it has a map vote but it just gives a black screen. Am i doing somthing wrong or missing a step. Thanks, Ross
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