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  1. I'm using a NO-CD patch and I installed GTA:SA normally. Maybe it's a vista problem? If you can't get it working, I'll send you my gta_sa.exe no its not a GTA actually GTA works perfectly its MTASA it doesnt work. i used GTA SA bye itself and it was fine but i MTA SA doesnt work also both dont work with the backup CD XO
  2. Ok i got GTA: SA on a CD i used to have a torrent for it and mounted it and used a NO-CD patch. that worked for normal San Andreas and SAMP but nao i see u know MTA: SA is much more awesome so i redownload GTA just to play it but sadly it says Wrong CD inserted. ok i w8 a while and my friend give me a backup cd of his. i use that and geuss what it works no actually it doesnt it says the same thing Wrong CD inserted plz help me im using Vista 32 bit.
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